Bouncers With Breathalysers Wage War On Pre-Drinking

 Pre-drinking may become a thing of the past after a new scheme will see pub and club-goers seen as ‘too drunk’ get breathalysed.

The new initiative, which is being trialled by Dorset Police and Weymouth Pub Watch, will see venues across Weymouth begin breathalysing revellers in an attempt to curb alcohol-related crime, the Dorset Echo reports.

The #RU2DRUNK initiative will see local pubs, clubs and bars team up with local authorities to tackle ‘pre-drinking’ culture where many end up drinking way too much before going out on the town.
 The three-month pilot will be see 29 premises across the town using the breathalysers, with the results being monitored by leading sociologists from the University of Exeter.

Weymouth Neighbourhood Inspector Pete Browning told the Dorset Echo:
By trying this scheme we can begin to change that ‘pre-loading’ culture. We are not trying to stop people having fun, we want to benefit the night-time economy of the town whilst reducing alcohol related crime and making sure people get home safely.
Despite giving each venue the opportunity to set their own alcohol limit, police have suggested that three times the drink drive limit as a rough guideline.
 The manager of Aura Bar, Nikki Smith, said:
We thought it would be a good idea to get involved with the scheme because it might stop fights. We wont use it on everybody who seems drunk, there will need to be a reason like showing signs of aggressive behaviour, we don’t want to stop people coming in and having a good time.
The scheme has already been piloted in Torquay and Norfolk, to great success. PC Holly Damen, who set up the project, claims that the police saw a staggering 39 per cent reduction in alcohol related crime in Torquay and hopes that it will also see a drop in people admitted to A & E.
This might be a move that will upset a few people at first, but ultimately it is for the greater good.

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