Body Of Weird 'Dead Dragon' Found On Remote Island

Intriguing footage has emerged of what some people believe to be the corpse of a real life dragon. 

Supposedly discovered on a ‘remote island’ somewhere in the Amazon, the video has of course sparked a shit load of online debate, reports Viral Thread.

The remains have allegedly been taken for ‘testing by experts’ – presumably descendants of the Targeryens – to be verified. Hmm.

[Source: Youtube]
Let’s face it, impressive as it looks, it’s not real. But the footage does look incredible and someone out there deserves an A+ for their art project.

Predictably, some people have taken the clip a little too seriously with one overexcited Reddit user writing:
Dragons don’t have four legs and wings. The two forelimbs would have evolved into its wings… like a bat. Fake.
Which, to be perfectly accurate, doesn’t mean it’s a fake, it just means it’s a Wyvern rather than a dragon, so…
It is worth pointing out that several other creatures that are very real today, were once believed to be mythical.

The existence of gorillas wasn’t confirmed to Europeans until 1902 with tigers, giraffes and giant pandas all believed to be beasts of legend at various times.

So, although this one may not be real who’s to say that they weren’t at some point? They probably weren’t though.


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