Beloved teacher passes away - first responders sub for teachers so they can attend funeral

 It is in difficult times that people really do appreciate help. Hear this story about what the local police and fire fighters do to help friends in need. A community well worthy of praise.
In Greenwood Arkansas, a tragic accident took place when Jennifer Nelms, a teacher at the local middle school unexpectedly passed away. With the news of Nelms passing away, police officers and firefighters lent their hand to the school district by subbing for classes.

 The police and fire department described Nelms as someone who would always be there to lend a helping hand so they wanted to return the favor.
Greenwood Fire Chief Stewart Bryan said, “Ms. Nelms was a supporter of the fire and police department. She’d been a supporter of us for many years. Now that the school’s in need, we wanted to help the school out. We wanted to make sure all the teachers were available to attend the funeral.”
 The young Jennifer Nelms was only 32-years-old when she passed away. She was a paraprofessional in the 5th grade classroom at East Hills Middle school.
The last time coworkers saw her was when she wasn’t feeling so well on Friday. She said to them that she was just going to go home, sleep and see them Monday morning, but Monday never came for Nelms.
Jennifer passed away Saturday from complications associated with lupus, an autoimmune system disease. After the tragic accident, many individuals started wearing purple in her honor.
Literary teacher Karen Benjamin who worked in the same classroom as Nelms said, “She just I think took whatever she was thrown and just spun it positively.” A dear coworker and friend whom everyone will miss dearly.
The community was just great in their support for the difficult times these teachers were facing. With the help of police department and fire departments coming in to substitute, it just really shows us how close this community is. In times of hardships and sufferings, we really do find out who’s there for us.
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