Apple Just Got Rid Of The iPhone's Headphone Jack Because F*ck It

 Tim Cook took to the stage and told us "We have created the world's most advanced smartphone - the best iPhone we have ever created." Tim Cook said as he took to the stage today. "This is iPhone 7."

The iPhone 7, long anticipated, long debated, is finally here. So what does it do?

This is what we know it has so far: two cameras on the back, processor improvements, longer battery duration, a new pressure-sensitive home button, and a water proof design.
 This is how much it costs: $645. The iPhone 7+ is $769.

This is one example of how ballsy they've gone: Apple has binned off the headphone jack, leaving users to move to wired Lightning headsets or wireless Bluetooth Apple Airpods.

This is one example of the new apps: Super Mario Run will debut in the app store some time later in the year.

Colours: Introduced "Jet Black".

Plenty more to follow.

How do you feel about the updates thus far, lads?

Featured image credit: Apple

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