Almost 6 Million People Have Watched This Mom's Shoe Tying Tutorial

Having trouble teaching your little one how to tie his or her shoes? Listen up!

Kirsten Johnson, the mom behind the website Unstoppable Mother, took to Facebook on August 12 to post a live video revealing how she taught her son to tie his shoes. She claims it's "the world's easiest way to teach your kids to tie their shoes for back to school."

Johnson's method involves tying one loop, and then a second that's a little looser, then putting one shoelace through that hole to the opposite end and taking the other shoelace and putting it through to the opposite end, then pulling the "bunny ears" tight.

After Johnson's demonstrates, her 7-year-old son Rylan gives it a go, nailing the process even though it was apparently only his second time attempting it.

Since posting the video, it has garnered over 5.8 million views and over 5,000 comments. While there were some negative commenters (there always are, right?!), the majority of parents couldn't thank Johnson's enough for sharing her method. "So, my son just watched this and ran and got his shoe and.... voila!!! He did it! First try!! Thank you!" wrote one person, while another chimed in with "I taught my daughter this, she got it first try, and is on cloud nine! Thank you!!!" But perhaps most heartwarming were the comments from parents of children with autism. "I tried this with my 11 year old who has autism. I've never been able to teach him. THIS WORKED!!!!! You have just saved us a school years worth of frustration!!! I owe you," wrote one; "Wow, thank you for this video. My son is 14 and has autism so he has so much trouble using his fingers," wrote another.

While Johnson's followed up in the comments saying that her method isn't meant to be the final word in shoe-tying, she and Rylan have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback:
I just want to say that I have shown my 7-year-old Rylan all the positive comments and all the kids and even adults that he's helping. This little man can't stop smiling. So thanks to all of you for all the positive feedback and amazing testimonials that I've read. It truly is amazing to read things like how an autistic child can now tie his/her shoes, or how a mom who lost use of one of her hands can now tie her shoes again.
We can't wait to give this a try with our little ones!

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