Abused dog is terrified of humans. Things change when man sits down in her cage and shows her love

 In September of 2013, the National Mill Dog Rescue rescued Harleigh, a tiny Chihuahua, from a puppy mill.

 Skinny and frail with large, floppy ears, Harleigh had been living in a wire mesh cage for three and a half years, forced to have litter after litter of puppies.
During the rescue, Harleigh fought and attacked the volunteers trying to save her. She had never once in the three and a half years of her captivity known a kind touch. As the volunteers opened the cage, she backed away and tried to hide in the corner of her kennel, full of fear.
Over the course of several hours, Harleigh began to grow more and more comfortable with her liberators. After not having anyone to trust in so long, it was obvious she craved safety and companionship.
It took several tries, but eventually, Harleigh calmed down enough for the volunteers to pet her and hold her.
The kindness of the National Mill Dog Rescue saved Harleigh from possibly a lifetime of breeding and abuse. Now, they work to rehabilitate her and show her the love she truly deserves.
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