9 things I'll miss about Obama that have nothing to do with his policies.

I don't really like politics. But I love Barack Obama. I mean his policies were fine—once, I even overheard a person saying they were great! And I've read some headlines to back that up, so that's basically 100 percent true. But here's nine things I will miss about Obama that have nothing whatsoever to do with legislation, executive orders, or a political agenda. All I'm saying is please, please don't leave us.

1. His comedy
Whatever your opinions on Obama's policies, his stand-up comedy (and improvisational) skills are undeniable. Like that time he literally and figuratively dropped the mic at his last, and greatest, White House Correspondence Dinner. Or when he traded jabs with Bill Clinton on Twitter. Keep an eye out for this rising face of comedy in the coming years.

2. His "awkward" dancing
Obama is awkward the way the female lead in a rom com is awkward: still less awkward than 98% of actual people. But just awkward enough to be likable and not intimidating despite his status. Also, he's only awkward when he dances, but luckily it hasn't stopped him.
She needs her own list, and even then, it would be impossible to fully summarize the magic that is Michelle Obama. Those arms aren't even close to the best thing about her—though they are amazing. But it's what she does with those arms: Lift our hopes, every day, and motivate us to hit the gym. Also the time she did carpool karaoke.

4. His fun, sexy marriage to #3
I mean, they're BFFs who obviously still bang. He told the whole world that he loves her curves. Their never-nauseating PDA shows us what love should be.

5. He's a nerd
Like when he geeked out at his last White House science fair. Oh, and he can also name everyone who's died on Game of Thrones.
6. His and Michelle's friendship with Jay-Z and Beyoncé
One day, the Obamas saw Jay-Z and Beyoncé across a crowded room, the four of them locked eyes, and they've been a fab four ever since. The Obamas even invited Jay and Bey to celebrate this past Easter on the White House lawn. #SquadGoals

7. Bo
Even Obama's dog seems like he hasn't let his status as the First Dog of the United States get to his head. His floppy, adorable little head. No wonder someone wanted to kidnap him.

8. He's a baby whisperer
When Obama holds a baby, you can tell he has a special gift, and that baby probably never feels sadness again. Don't believe me? Believe this hasthag: #ObamaAndKids. Is there something in my eye? Oh, no, I'm just sobbing hysterically.

9. He didn't come here to make friends

And yet, he won our heart. This guy was obviously here for the right reasons. Obama, will you accept this rose?

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