4 state troopers drive around in a cart, hilariously lip-sync this classic from Grease

Being a state trooper is a serious job. Especially given what has been going on in the world today, state troopers have a lot of responsibility because we as society rely on them to keep us safe. I for one am thankful that we have state troopers to keep us safe so that we have peace of mind as we attend and enjoy events with our friends and family.
These state troopers were tasked with making sure that the attendees of the Indiana State Fair were safe throughout the event. Events like these are open to anyone, and you never really know when something could happen. It would be totally understandable if the responsibilities of the job made these state troopers too serious and impersonal on the job.
But these state troopers show us that it is possible to have fun even if your job is pretty serious. They turned to music to liven their day up – and the days of everyone else at the Indiana State Fair. Now they can liven up your day as well, with this American classic about a budding summer romance between a young man and woman.
These state troopers remind us that we can all maintain a happy and positive attitude throughout the day – and show us that this attitude can brighten others’ days as well.
And when the troopers in the back join in, we can’t help but smile. Hopefully you do too!
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