21 People Who Got The Opposite Of What They Ordered Online

 As a general rule, I never order anything online because I am afraid I will not get what I ordered. A lot of people think I am being overly cautious. Well, do you believe me now? 

1.Always check your spelling
2. Nailed it!
 3.Eh, close enough.
 4.Size matters.
 5.Are you sure this isn't what you wanted?
6. To be fair, this one does say "Boy"
 7.Now you get to stuff it yourself. Fun!
8. Oh, so you didn't want your dress to be made out of a tarp?
 9.At least he is trying to make it work
10. I think you know how
 11.The cat does wear it well
12. Sometimes things are too big
 13.Where'd the rest of it go?
14. No joke. This cost him $750.
 15.But isn't a dress just a long shirt?
16. They're minerals, Marie.
 17.Very sexy garbage bags
18. Good question
19. What the hell is that?
20. Maybe the nephew is the cat?
21. Ew.

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