15 Adorable Photos Of Dads Doing Just About Anything For Their Daughters

Let's give a round of applause for these Dads. Here are 16 amazing pictures of Dads being Dads and loving their children: 

1. The dynamic duo
 2. Big red riding hood?
 3. Look at these twins.
 4. Stay calm.

 5. He got a little innovative.
 6. Who wants tea?
 7. Sure, I'll take you to a One Direction concert.
 8. Just playing some Princess.
 9. I'll play some video games while you paint my nails.
 10. What a team!
 11. They can handle just about anything.
 12. Enjoying some breakfast.
 13. Just going with the flow.
 14. Tea time.
 15. Best friends forever.

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