12-year-old dresses like Michael Jackson, performs an incredible roller skating routine to "Beat It"

Feng Hui, a twelve-year-old girl from China, is astounding people all over the world with her insane roller skating skills. She weaves and bobs her way between tightly-spaced cones while performing awesome dance moves. It’s highly impressive!

Competing in the 2011 World Artistic and Freestyle Roller Skating Grand Prix in Shanghai, Feng dresses up in a white button-up, black vest, and black pants. Wearing a black hat, she mimics Michael Jackson as she dances and performs to his classic, Beat It.”

As the music starts to play, Feng bobs her head to the beat and performs movements and motions that greatly resemble the King of Pop’s very own moves. But once she tosses her hat, the real entertainment begins. She begins to perform unbelievable skating moves in rapid succession. If you look closely at how quickly her skates move, you will be completely mesmerized.

Needless to say, she received a standing ovation from the crowd as her performance was flawless.

[Source: Youtube]

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