Woman walks miles to work 2 jobs. Cop hears about this and surprises her with a brand new bike

 For the last five months, 26 year old Joella Oelrich has been walking miles every day to get to her two jobs.
During the day, Joella works at the Forest Park Animal Hospital. At night, she must walk to McDonald’s where she works the late shift.
 Seeing the dedication and work ethic Joella displays every day motivated the Forrest Park Animal Hospital to team up with Mike Jones and the Lynn Haven Police and get Oelrich a new bike.
Ashley Baker, a veterinarian at the Forest Park Animal Hospital, described Oelrich saying “She’s a very dedicated worker. She’s really good at what she does.”
With this safer, more efficient method for getting around, Oelrich can save the limited free time she has in a day by avoiding the public transportation system.
 In the eyes of the people she works beside, Oelrich is an employee that deserves to have it a little easier, and by helping get her a bike, they are able to provide her with an easier means of transportation to and from her jobs.
“Its made her life easier. She doesn’t have to stress and worry about catching the trolley. It’s just made life better for her and gives her more independence,” explained Baker.
When going to present Joella with the bike, the Lynn Haven Police went along due to their contribution. Joella was initially worried when she saw the police were there, and did not want to go outside at first.
After a little persuasion, Joella went outside to see her shiny new bike waiting for her in the parking lot.
“They had the bike [in] the parking lot parked by the door and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, is this for me'” Joella explained when she spoke to reporters.
Initially shocked by the new bike, Joella was excited to have a faster way of getting around after having walked so many miles the last few months.
“I was a little bit wobbly when I first started,” said Oelrich, but with a little time she will be riding around comfortably to her two jobs.  Joella eventually plans to buy a car to make commuting even easier, but for now, she loves the fact that she can get to work on her new bike.

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