Will Smith Learns You Shouldn't Make Mum Jokes To Margot Robbie

Will Smith found out the hard the way that you really shouldn’t make mum jokes to Margot Robbie. 

The pair were guests on the most recent episode of Radio 1’s Playground Insults to promote Suicide Squad, but the less said about that and its reviews the better.

Because they’re such good friends, Smith and Robbie didn’t hesitate to start taking the piss out of each other. However, Smith made the big mistake of bringing Robbie’s mum into the argument and she tore him to shreds.

The Australian actress retaliated with the line: “You’re so old, I had to Google The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Followed by this impressive burn:

“You were the worst-looking cast member in I Am Legend,” she said, before her fellow star pointed out that the film’s cast consisted of him, zombies and a dog.

Robbie ended with a joke about the size of Smith’s penis before being announced as the winner of the war of words.

[Source: Youtube]

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Margot Robbie, whatever you do, don’t mention her mother.

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