Usain Bolt Produced The Best Photo Of The Olympics Last Night

 In the early hours of the morning, for roughly 10 seconds, the eyes of the world were fixed to the 100 metre sprint final in Rio. Usain Bolt did it again, claiming his third gold medal in an impressive 9.81 seconds.
By the end of the week, if he manages to defend his 200 metre and 4 x 100 metre titles, then he could end up with nine Olympic golds to his name.

Bolt, not a stranger to the history books, is taking the experience in his stride and making every moment - and every photo opportunity - count.

Not only did he beat his rivals, he did it while wearing the smuggest look of the Games.

Deciding to pose for a photograph halfway through the race, while the rest of the sprinters strained every vein in their body to find more power, Bolt not only won, but he did so in a comfortable style.
It may not have worked for Chad le Clos is the 100 metre butterfly in the Aquatic centre, but it didn't slow the Jamaican sprinter down, who glanced over, smiled at the camera before focusing back on the race.

Ever the showman, I'm tuning in on Tuesday so see what else this machine can do.

Source : theladbible

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