Tweets That Sum Up Married Life

#1 Well That's Depressing

This is a pretty sad insight into marriage. Hopefully it's not really like that...

 #2 Too Funny

This seems like something a wife would totally do. I guess guys can never imagine that pain.

 #3 Just A Kit Kat

Do people really stop having sex after they get married? That sucks...

#4 That's Not What You Want

Why would she even ask him what she wanted then? So frustrating...

 #5 This Happens All The Time

Sometimes I look into the fridge and I just can't find things. How do they do it?

 #6 So Depressing

That's a rather bleak outlook on marriage. And life...

#7 So Hilarious

This guy has a great sense of humor. Too bad he's fat now!

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