This Woman Wore Painted On Clothes To See If Anyone Would Notice

[Source: Youtube]

Over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed copious videos of people walking around wearing nothing but body paint to see if anybody would notice, and now there’s another one.

This clip, from Buzzfeed, fittingly entitled, ‘I wore body paint instead of clothes for a day’, features a young woman wearing – you guessed it – body paint.

The clip begins as the blonde gal stands wearing nothing but a pair of knickers, protecting her modesty from the cameras, as a talented ‘professional body painter’ (how the fuck do you become a professional body painter?) proceeds to coat her in a thin layer of Dulux.

 Then the video takes a pretty wild turn, as the painted woman begins to talk about how she was bullied in high school for ‘having cellulite on her legs’, which significantly knocked her self-confidence.

When the job is finished, our paint-wearing friend is no longer nude (to the naked eye) but clad in body-painted jeans and a white v-neck, which to be fair to the ‘professional body painter, look pretty damn realistic.

Judging from the clip itself, I think I’d fall for the paint jeans, but there was one big unavoidable giveaway with the t-shirt – her bellybutton.

Overall, everybody’s pretty shocked that to see her wearing nothing but paint, but as the video comes to an end, she explains that by going out there literally in the nude she’s combated her insecurities and felt her self-confidence has spiked a fair bit too.

Maybe one day clothes will be a thing of the past and we’ll all spend our days covered in paint instead…

source : unilad

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