This Underwear Selfie Accidentally Uncovered Woman's Very Dark Secret

 If you want to feel a little better about your life, relationships, etc, you might want to give this absolute horror story a good read.

Imgur user Beezlebuzzle screengrabbed a series of insane comments written by a woman named Ashleigh Dempster and her partner Tim McGowan.

Like most of these type of posts, it’s a bit of a slog to get through it, but we’ve shorted it for your viewing pleasure.

It all started with a woman sharing a ‘sexy’ selfie off her partner’s Facebook:

 But immediately another user called her a ‘whore’ for just wearing underwear in the picture:

 And the plot thickens/escalates very quickly when she’s asked to explain why she’s a ‘whore’:

 Confronted with the accusation, she’s casual as you like, with literally no shame whatsoever:

The whole thread is straight out of a Jeremy Kyle episode:

 But you just can’t look away…

 After a load of Facebook friends showed their shock and disgust, Ashleigh’s husband Tim McGowan decided to step in on the argument.

And to everyone’s surprise, he actually defended his wife’s incestuous actions:

 With a roller coaster of a story like this, it needed a dramatic ending and they well and truly delivered:

I can’t even… what did I just read? Be right back, just going to bleach my eyes out.

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