This Trailer Proves Vikings May Be Summer's Most Exciting Show

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Out of all the Comic-Con trailers that dropped last week, you may have missed one of the most exciting ones yet.

History released a new trailer for the second half of Vikings fourth season, and it looks incredible.

As you may remember (or not if you don’t watch the show), the first half of the season featured Ragnar and his Viking warriors suffering defeat at the hands of his brother Rollo and his Frankish forces. Consequently, Ragnar exiled himself from Kattegat and left his sons to grow up without him.

When he returned at the half season finale, basically, shit went down. He challenged his sons to kill him if they wanted to take his place as king – and we were left with the chilling cliffhanger of which one of them would.

But winds of change really are blowing into Vikings for the second half of season four, with Ragnar leading his grown-up sons into war. According to the trailer, his return is set to bring ‘calamity, chaos, tragedy and death’ – and I can’t wait.

As the Vikings, French, and English prepare for what is likely to be the biggest battle the show has seen, the new, violently dramatic trailer can only lead to one conclusion: The world is about to be brought to its knees.

 Not only is Bjorn less than excited to see his father (and striking an alliance with Rollo), but Aslaug and Lagertha appear to finally be at each other’s throats as well.

And considering Lagertha isn’t lacking in the friend department when it comes to her lady army, there’s a good chance she’ll be knocking Aslaug the fuck down. Fans have wanted her gone ever since she rode up into Kattegat with Ragnar’s unborn baby – and that time may now finally come.

 As the trailer teases, there may also be a Lagertha/Ragnar reunion in the books. Vikings creator and writer Michael Hirst has teased a reunion between the two – and it’s definitely one fans have expected (and hoped for) all along.

According to Variety, Hirst revealed that he is a fan himself of the Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha team up, saying: “Nothing would make me happier.”

While the latest trailer of the second half of Vikings season four didn’t set an official premiere date, episodes are expected this fall.

There’s also no sign of Jonathan Rhys Meyers yet, who joins Season 5 in a regular role, but he’s expected to first appear this year.

Further details will surely arrive in the coming weeks and months, but with Rollo’s return to his Viking roots, an Aslaug and Lagertha war, and a Lagertha/Ragnar reunion, this is surely going to be the most epic season of Vikings yet.

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