This Is How To Find Your Favourite Olympians On Tinder

You might only be able to catch this year’s Olympics in Rio only on your telly, but what if we told you you could match with one of these elite athletes on Tinder?

Well thanks to one Instagram account, we soon could be.

User sportsswipe found that there are hundreds of Rio Olympic athletes currently active on Tinder, probably making use of the record 450,000 condoms which were handed out at the Olympic athletes’ village (that’s 42 rubbers per athlete in case you were wondering).

 Yeah, they swipe their way to sex just like us mere mortals.

Among them, there’s some athletes among these who are a pretty big deal and a famous face or two who are on point with their Tinder game.

It’s pretty hard to believe that Olympians have trouble getting a date:

Better get swiping. 

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