This Guy's Sexy Beach Photoshoot Has Left Us Speechless

We’re all aware of those sensual ‘boudoir’ photo shoots featuring women in all manner of revealing – and occasionally enticing – poses.

Well, over the last year a new trend has been gathering pace that is brilliantly turning the perspective on its head, reports Bored Panda.

A number of photographers are producing work that replaces the usual sultry, seductive lady with a burly bearded fella to create what has been brilliantly labelled ‘dudeoir’. 

The guy in the latest ‘beach collection’ is wizard bearded model Joshua Varozza, who first shot to fame in the hilarious God Bless America ‘Dudeoir’ Country Collection that went viral on Facebook back in June.

Joshua’s new Dudeoir Beach Collection was shared on Facebook yesterday and it’s fair to say people are loving it. 

The incredible photos were shot by Joshua’s friend, Tami Bears, who also took the photos for the previous shoot.

From sexy lifeguard to even sexier mermaid Joshua is well and truly working it in this latest collection of iconic pics which challenges not only gender stereotypes but also traditional ideas of ‘beauty’. 

You can see the entire collection on Tami’s  Facebook page,  her website  and her Instagram page. 


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