This Fireman's Hilarious Obituary Is How All Obituaries Should Be Written

 Humor's the best at turning absolutely craptacular situations into livable ones. Broke your leg? Crack a joke. Girlfriend dumped you? Mercilessly make fun of your flaws so you never repeat how crappy you were in another relationship again, or if she dumped you because you were so awesome, make fun of weak-ass people who couldn't keep up with you.

It's seriously the best medicine that's not really medicine, and can even take the edge off the saddest, most depressing topic of all: death.

Don't believe me? Just look at this retired fireman's hilarious obituary.

William Ziegler may have passed away, but he wanted to leave his family and friends something to laugh about in his permanent absence.

Not only was Ziegler's obituary funny AF, but he managed to capture the essence of his life. It definitely ranks up there with this amazing letter a mother who passed away from cancer left to her kids.

So if you know you're on borrowed time, you may want to pen yourself a witty obit. Wow, that sounds really morbid.

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