This 'Fake' CBB Scene Could Expose It For Scripted Piece Of Shit It Is

Big Brother has been a TV juggernaut that has just seemed to rumble on and fucking on throughout 2016, showing no sign of ending- until now that is. 

This particular celebrity series has been marred by boob flashes, antisemitism and all the sex from a bunch of pseudo celebrities that you’d assume no-one would give zero fucks about.
How this hellish nightmare is still a thing is simply beyond me, but after this shocking revelation, maybe, just maybe, we can dream that its loyal fans will wise up and take CBB for what it really is. Utter bullshit.

On a live feed last night, housemates appeared to film a scripted good night scene on the ‘reality’ show.

[Source: Youtube]

The remaining housemates all got into bed, with Big Brother wishing them all goodnight. Everyone shouted goodnight in return, and then ‘went to sleep’, oh, and someone faked a fart. Mature bunch this lot.

But not all was as it seemed, as few seconds of silence later and after another fake fart (sigh) the lights came back on and Ricky Norwood told everyone ‘great take guys, great take’.

Big Brother then proceeded to say:

Tomorrow is a really, really, big day for all of you – and it will start quite early and end quite late. So what Big Brother would suggest is that you all wash your teeth, get whatever washing you need done and then call it a night relatively quickly.

This ‘revelation’ probably came as no surprise to people who choose not to watch the show, but for die-hard fans it was a whole different story.

Then someone came out and said what we were all thinking: 

A spokesperson for the show defended the footage, saying it was ‘entirely authentic’. Yeah, definitely looks it.

They said:

Footage shown on the live feed involved Big Brother alerting housemates of a long final day ahead. The show is entirely authentic and the housemates are not scripted. 
After weeks of growing evidence that our society is completely fucked, the show finally comes to a climax tonight. A very good reason to celebrate.

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