This Brother And Sister Are Planning To Make A Baby Together

A man has revealed he is planning to have a baby with his sister. You read that right.

However, before you get all weirded out, according to Sam Leighton-Dore, there's 'nothing remotely incestuous' about it.

Basically, he is a gay man who wants to have a child with his boyfriend but he wants the unborn baby to share both his and his partner's genetics.

Writing in a post for Mamamia, titled 'I'm going to have a baby with my sister, and we couldn't be more excited', he explained: "The only possible chance my partner and I have of waving our respective biological flags in our future kid's DNA is if my sister donates an egg."

According to Sam, the idea to use his sister's egg - which his mum is a little confused by (yeah, us too) - came while they were a 'little drunk' at a family party. Me and my brother usually just confess to the amount of money we've nicked off each other when we're smashed - what were they drinking exactly?
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He added regarding his sister: "No, she won't be carrying the baby - just offering up the bun for another yet-to-be-determined woman's oven."

That will be a laugh trying to explain that one, won't it?

Best of luck to them, though.

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