There's A New 'Incense' Trick On Pokémon Go That Lets You Catch Rare Pokémon

There's a new trick for Pokémon Go that makes it easier to catch rare Pokémon, according to gaming site Fraghero.

Although the game has been rife with rumours that subsequently turned out to be bullshit, if true this could make it much easier to find rare Pokémon.

First you've got to make sure you're in an area where all of the following criteria are met - no streets, gyms, or Pokéstops are nearby, and where no wild Pokémon spawn. Which means trying this in a city is near impossible.
Once you've found the right areas, if you use an incense you should start seeing more and more rare Pokémon turn up, ripe for being caught.

It was all revealed by a YouTube video, which you can watch in full here...
[Source: Youtube]
The evidence is pretty conclusive that it works, so what you saying then lads, you going to go out and catch 'em all?

Source : theladbible

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