'Bad Boys 3' Movie Has Finally Got An Official Release Date And A Name

Back in 1995, Will Smith starred in his first ever film role. Bad Boys was his way of telling the world that he was ready to give up the Fresh Prince life, and that he was ready to rocket his way onto the big screen.

Bad Boys II hit our screens way back in 2003, an agonising eight years after the original. As well as helping to kickstart Smith’s A-list career, the franchise has since grossed more than $400 million worldwide.

If you’re a fan of seeing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence walking around, shooting baddies, and generally being awesome, then I’ve got some news for you: the boys are back. Head over to the next page for the official release date and name from the film’s makers, who have confirmed that Smith and Lawrence will be returning. And no, it’s not simply “Bad Boys 3”. Stop trying to be clever.

Bad Boys’ makers have just announced that the new film will be called Bad Boys For Life, which I’m hoping is a hint that the pair will continue releasing films until they’re at death’s door. The film’s makers also confirmed that the release date has been pushed back from next summer to January 12, 2018.

While 2018 might seem a long way off, I’m here to remind you that we are more than halfway through 2016 already. I see this as a good thing, since I would very much like to press the eject button on the year that saw the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, to name only a few.

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