The Game Says He's 'F*cked Three Kardashians' In New Track

This has potential to be the next sex tape the Kardashians could flog to become even more unnecessarily famous.

It seems rapper The Game, has some serious, er, game, that’s if his new song ‘Sauce’ is anything to go by anyway. In the new track he claims to have had sex with three of the Kardashians.

It is no secret that The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, has dated two of them, Khloe and Kim, but it is the first time he has claimed to have scored a hat-trick, bedding one of the other reality ‘stars’.

Towards the end of the track, he says: “I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed off/Then I fucked three Kardashians – hold that thought.”

Because if we take every lyric literally, than that would mean arch-enemies Taylor Swift and Kanye West could be set to hook up – if Kanye’s song ‘Famous’ is anything to go by.

Though we can definitely say the chances of that are so slim that even if the future of mankind was at stake, they’d probably still rather see the world up in flames then get down and dirty.

However, with this claim there is a bit more traction to it. He dated Kim a while back and was also rumoured to be dating Khloe in 2014, after she split from husband Lamar Odom.

At the time, he told DJ Charlie Sloth on BBC Radio 1 Extra:

Those are just rumours. It’s funny man ’cause me and Khloe we’re cool. People don’t know, but I’ve been knowing Khloe for 12 years – you know what I’m saying? I went and dated Kim for a while. A little short while. Me and Khloe are cool.

It remains unclear what other Kardashian he could have got hot and heavy with, but it’s a mystery just waiting to be solved by someone who actually gives a flying fuck.

Here’s the new track so you can hear The Game’s claim for yourself:

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