Teen Syrian Refugee Who Swam For Her Life Will Compete At Olympics Games

An 18-year-old Syrian refugee who had to literally swim to Europe for safety will now compete at the Olympics for Germany.

Yusra Mardini fled Damascus with her sister Sarah in August 2015 on a boat with 20 people that was made to carry just six.

Within 30 minutes the boat began filling with water so Yusra, her sister and two other men jumped into the icy water to push the boat to Lesbos.
From there she swam to mainland Europe where she eventually found comfort in Berlin. There, coach Sven Spannerkrebs spotted her talent and began training her for the Olympics in 2020.

However, Yusra will now be able to compete at Rio 2016 after the Olympic committee created the first ever Refugee Olympic Team.

Here's her amazing story in full...
[Source: Youtube]
Just goes to show how much can change in a person's life in a year. A truly remarkable story.

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