Teacher Receives A Hometown Hero Award For Doing This To A Student

The thing about parents is that they always want to make sure that their kids are safe, wherever they may be. For that reason, you’ll always want to choose the best school for your kid so as to make sure that they’re properly taken care of by good teachers while you’re away. At times, those teachers turn into heroes!

This is the story of one 8th grader’s near-death experience. Gage Donner was Mrs.Berry’s former student. One day, Mrs. Berry was going about her science lesson in a class when some strange noises from outside caught her hear. She went out to investigate, and she ended up saving a life!

Standing in the hallway was a pale physique of Gage, with a struggling face almost turning white. Turns out, Gage had been eating some candy, and now the poor kid was choking. Being a quick thinker that she is, Mrs. Berry wasted no time. She grabbed the choking kid and did the Heimlich maneuver on him. She literally saved the child’s life. She even received the Hometown Hero Award, plus some flowers from Gage’s parents!

The video was captured by the cameras at the school. Check it out here and SHAREon Facebook!

[Source: Youtube]

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