Sister Has Been In Wheelchair Her Whole Life, So He Does This For Her Every Year. I'm In Tears!

 When Lindsay Cochran was born, she was diagnosed with an incredibly rare disorder that only affects 8 out of every 100,000 births.
Born with spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA, Lindsay has not been able to walk since the day she was born.
“I am in a wheelchair because I was born with not strong legs, and  I couldn’t walk or  I couldn’t crawl or anything so I got a wheelchair when I was 2 years old,” Lindsay explained as she sat beside her brother Trenton.
 Lucky for Lindsay, Trenton has remained by her side since the day she was born.
Often subject to constant stares from other children, Lindsay’s brother makes sure she feels like every other child in any way he can.
“My whole life would probably be different if she didn’t have this disease,” Trenton said when describing the enormous positive impact Lindsay has had on his life.
 Growing up alongside his sister and learning to take care of and support her, Trenton was given an incredible lesson in humility and the importance of treating people with handicaps or disabilities the same as you would anybody else.
Participating in a 5K walk every year in support of his sister, Trenton does his best to raise money towards developing a cure for Lindsay’s SMA so she can walk alongside him one day.
 “It feels good that I have a brother that would run and do stuff for me,” Lindsay happily said when describing her brother.
“She is one of the center priorities of my life, and I would take a bullet for her, and she is just my best friend and I would do anything for her,” Trenton said as he tried to hold in his emotions before breaking down into tears.
 The incredible relationship between this brother and sister is seemingly the product of the adversity they both have experienced through the years.
Learning to fight through these challenges together has made the siblings incredibly close, and both Lindsay and Trenton have become stronger with each other’s support.
Lindsay has already overcome a lifetime of obstacles as she fights her SMA, and with Trenton on her side, this brother and sister have no plans of giving up.

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