She Stops Mid-Show To Put On A Blindfold. But When The Judges See Her Feet? Unbelievable!

Sofie Dossi is already a definite front-runner in this year’s season of America’s Got Talent. She’s not a singer, and she’s not a dancer, necessarily, either. She’s a self-taught contortionist.

Why do I say she’s one of the top contenders for the main prize? Well, a few reasons. To start, Reba McEntire slammed on her Golden Buzzer when she was the guest judge on the show a few weeks ago. The performance was nothing short of spectacular.

Her act is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on this stage before. There’s no one else who has done exactly what she does on the show, or who has done it as gracefully as she does.

Not only is her act so beautiful to watch, but it can also get pretty dangerous. Yes, she hangs from the ceiling using nothing but her neck muscles, and she bends her body literally in half. However, the judges have also feared for themselves as well.

When Dossi picks up her bow and arrow, she doesn’t leave it at that. She’ll then set the arrow ablaze in front of the entire audience.

But when she places the bow in between her toes? That’s just insanity!

Just watch the judges as Dossi gives an extremely delicate and controlled performance for her third performance on the show. Imagine all the strength and power inside of her tiny little body!
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