She SPRINTS Through The Middle Of The Store. Then You See Who's Staring At Her...

Families who have loved ones in the military understandably get nervous when they are stationed overseas. Obviously, family members dread spending long weeks and months without seeing their soldiers’ faces, but they also worry day and night for their safety. These soldiers are children to parents and parents to children of their own; they are wives, husbands, brothers, and sisters. If they are injured or killed in combat, many lives would be affected by the loss.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jimmy Talbot spent over a year away from his family – 400 days, to be exact. The soldier left to go overseas the same day his eldest daughter left for her first day of college.

We can’t imagine how hard this must have been for everyone involved.

But when Laura, his wife, heard that he was coming home, she wanted to organize an emotional surprise for their three daughters and his elderly mother. The result is absolutely stunning, and the four ladies can barely believe their eyes when they see the soldier dad.

He surprises two of his daughters at school, where they dissolve into tears at the welcome sight.

Jimmy surprises his mother in the middle of an interview about him, and she scolds him for not telling her that he was coming home sooner!

Finally, the soldier dad finds his college-aged daughter in a store. At first, it seems like onlookers are confused as to why this young woman is running through the store, but then they see him in his uniform. They immediately understand that they are witnesses to an emotional surprise reunion!
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