Seal Joins A Street Musician To Sing I Shot The Sheriff

If you walk down the city streets on any given day, you are going to see a rather unusual happening. People will stand on street corners and out of the way places and they will play their music for anyone who happens to be walking by. Some of those people are going to just do it for some extra money or perhaps as an outlet for their creativity. Other people, however, are looking to take things to the next level and some are actually going to become famous.

The young lady in this video managed to gather a crowd to hear her music, but she pulled in someone that she didn’t expect. It was English singer, Seal, and he was quite impressed with what she was doing. He walked up and started a conversation about her music, but she never saw the next step coming.

He ended up asking her if she would like to do a song together with him, and she agreed. They sang I Shot The Sheriff, and Seal sang while she played the guitar. She even joined in with him to sing the final chorus!

[Source: Youtube]

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