Scotty T F*cks Up While Flirting With Kendall Jenner On Twitter

Anyone who’s watched Geordie Shore knows that Scotty T has got a way with the ladies, well usually anyway. 

The self-professed pulling pro was attempting to flirt with professional selfie-taker and accomplished clothes wearer Kendall Jenner when he made what can only be described as a colossal fuck up.

Scotty, real name Scott Timlin, tweeted Kendall a photo letting the middle-child of the Kardashian clan, letting her know that he thought she was ‘ridiculously fit’, The Mirror reports.

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Unfortunately for Scotty the pic he sent with his tweet wasn’t actually Kendall or even any of the Kardashians it was Gone Girl star Emily Ratajkowski.

Scotts fans were happy to point out his mistake though: 

To be fair to Scott, Emily does look pretty similar to Kendall Jenner in that picture… 

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