Sailor Surprises His Family With A Video On The Jumbotron. Then He Tells Them To Turn Around...

 It’s really hard to be in the military. You spend days and nights away from home. You miss special occasions. Worst of all, you don’t get to see your family for extended periods of time. That’s why it’s such a huge occasion when a serviceman or servicewoman returns home. Families arrange for a special surprise, and it’s a huge celebration.
 Instead of being surprised by his loved ones, United States Navy Petty Officer First Class Will Dillon decided to do otherwise. He chose to surprise them.
 While attending the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, the soldier’s family was greeted with a video message from him. In the clip, he spoke about how much he missed his wife and his kids. He just couldn’t wait to see them!
Then he did something surprising. He walked out of the camera shot. It turns out, he was just outside the stadium.
Now watch the video below to see how Will gave his family the surprise of a lifetime!
[Source: Youtube]

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