She Recorded What The Bully Teachers Did To Her. Then Dad Shocked All When He Did THIS…

Most of the time, we are told that public schools are the best. They allow the children to have an experience that prepares them for life’s challenges. What they do not tell us is that there could be some teachers who will take upon themselves to harass students who need them most. They will say hurtful stuff that will make them the strongest of students start to doubt who they truly are. However, it is great when once in a while such teachers get justice for their actions.

When Cheyanne was having difficult time in school because of her special needs, the teacher thought of making it even harder for her. They hurled insults at her and made her do stuff that would just embarrass her further. She thought of something that could help her dad get justice for her. So for two days she recorded all the insults she was receiving. After she went home with the recordings, her family was in tears as they listened to the abuse which was 7 hours long. The good news is that the teachers who had called her a liar the first time her dad complained will never get a chance to do it again.

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