Peter Ness Trolls Blackjack Dealers By Using His First Initial, P. Ness

A Philadelphia woman seems to have been trying to set the record for “most reckless driver” when she was caught using both hands to text while steering the car with her feet.

It’s funny that none of the dealers knew they were being trolled until after they said his name out loud.

Online blackjack is now a thing, and you play with real dealers. Since online gambling seems a bit suspicious, I suppose showing real dealers and physical cards would give a certain amount of confidence to the gamblers that things aren’t rigged. This guy Peter Ness made things hilarious by trolling these blackjack dealers.

Before the game starts, courteous dealers would of course greet the gambler. Peter Ness decided to go with his first name initial and his last name, so that would be P. Ness. Every time dealers mention it, they laugh at themselves. Took me long to realize what was happening, though.

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