Orphaned Baby Clings To His Hand. Now Watch When He Puts Him On The Ground...

One of the most amazing things about spending time outdoors is witnessing all the nature and beauty surrounding you. Living in NYC, sometimes I forget that it even exists! That’s why I try to make a point of visiting Central Park every now and then.

The man in the video below, however, just has to step into his backyard to get up close and personal with wildlife. So close, in fact, one tiny critter in need of help decided to waltz right up to him while he was working on his pool.

Watching the tiny squirrel bonding with this guy reminds me of the sweet fella named Tintin who became attached to his rescue family. This cutie clearly and quickly did the same with the man who found him scampering in the grass.

Although he explains in the clip that he’s not exactly sure how to care for the orphaned baby, he assures both us listening in and the little guy that he will research the proper procedure online.

This is a good thing considering his attempts to keep the small fry from imprinting on him failed in the most precious way. Every time he tries to get the sweet red squirrel to stay on the ground, he runs right back over to him and begins climbing his leg!

It’s really a blessing that he found the poor thing. Who knows how much longer he would have lasted without his mother’s care.

Take a look to see their whole amazing interaction.
[Source: Youtube]

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