Surfers Noticed Two Whales And Nervously Approached, Are Welcomed In And Get Experience Of Their Lives.

Whenever a person has the chance to encounter nature in its purest form, the feeling of awe and wonder is always unmatched. Whether it’s the greatness of the mountains, vastness of the forest or beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat… there’s just no other experience like it.

A surfer and paddleboarder got up close and personal with a pair of whales which were frolicking off the Dunedin in New Zealand yesterday. When the duo noticed the incredible mammals making their way towards them, they could only look on in awe and wonder… and maybe a little nervousness.

The beautiful animals, believed to be southern right whales, are gentle giants. Weighing as much as 60 tons, the animals were very graceful and inquisitive toward their human visitors. And it’s a good thing too.

Surfer Sam Todd and paddleboarder Craig Latta encountered the pair off the point at St Clair’s Second Beach just a few hundred meters off shore. Can you imagine such a close encounter with these beautiful creatures?

According to the New Zealand Herald, one of the men said he got so close he touched one of the whales.

Check out the amazing moment in the video below.

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