NBA Star Accidentally Snapchats His D*ck Pic To The World

In what would be pretty devastating news for most guys, NBA star Draymond Green accidentally posted a picture of his own penis on his Snapchat account.

Yep, embarrassingly, the Warriors forward sent an up close and incredibly personal photo of his manhood out into the wide world, rather than privately – as he says he intended, reports Elite Daily.

Draymond’s social media is pretty well known for being a good source of jokes at the expense of his teammates – but not this time.
People starting tweet about a ‘big mistake’ he made:  

At first he claimed he had been hacked: 

And then the screenshots started to circulate, confirming the rumours were true and that Draymond had become the second guy in a week to inadvertently reveal his dong to the world after Alex Bowen’s ‘Nessie sized member’ caused quite the stir…

Later in the day, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Boogie Cousins posed for some Team USA photos while covering their crotches to take the piss out of their teammate: 
People have, of course, been retweeting Draymond’s old chap with reckless abandon.

Poor old Draymond, this sort of thing is obviously fine between consenting adults – let’s face it, there’s enough awful guys out there sending unsolicited and unwanted dick pics to last a lifetime – and this seems like a genuine error.

We won’t include the picture itself here due to its graphic nature – but if you’re that interested, a quick search on Twitter will reveal the results you’re after… 

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