Meet World's Most Identical Triplets Who Do Everything Together

 Meet the world’s most identical triplets, who don’t only live exactly the same lifestyles, they also have the same job.

Alison, Laura and Nicola Crimmins, 29, all live in Dublin, Ireland and mirror pretty much everything they do in life, from their diets, to their beauty routines, to exercise.

As a result of this, they all have exactly the same waist size (28 inches), bra size (34A), weight (8.5 stone) and height (5ft 11 inches).

It might sound a bit repetitive, but Laura is a big fan of it.

She explains: 

We live identical lives so we look the same and we love it! We use exactly the same products and get all our beauty treatments together – whether that’s spray tanning, nails, make-up or our haircuts. We all book ourselves in for an appointment with our hairdresser Kathy at the same time so our locks look identical.

Okay, there’s no denying that it’s essentially getting rid of any of their individuality, but there is method to the madness, as Alison adds: “It’s important for our job as triplet models that we look exactly alike so we eat the same diet and exercise together too.”

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And this routine has bonded the sisters. “We’re so close. We have a ‘Sisters Whatsapp’ so we are always in constant contact with each other all the time and buy the same things,” Nicola said.

The trio have appeared on television together, as well as modelling for international brands and National Lottery campaigns.

Interest from the modelling industry began when they were about 10-years-old, but they held out until they were 16 to sign up with a modelling agency.

 Laura explains:

After that the work rolled in, we’ve done television shows, press calls, fashion shows. We even got to skip school for modelling shoots – it was great!

They regularly feature on the world’s sexiest sisters list and have thousands of adoring fans, but it’s not all about that, they just love being together.

Nicola said: “I love working with my sisters – I feel so grateful that we get to be together.

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