Massive Horse Collapses In The Mud. Then A Vet Sees THIS In Her Eyes And Knows...

If there is a group of people who deserve more praise than what they already get, it’s the brave men and women who make up our emergency services.

Firefighters and medical personnel arrive as quickly as they can to the scene of an emergency, hoping to save any and every life. It’s thanks to them that many of us are alive today.

But they don’t just try their hardest to save humans. They also go above and beyond for animals, pets and wild creatures alike. In some cases, they may even be putting themselves in danger! They tirelessly work to find the best way to save any being in distress, like this poor deer stuck in backyard fence.

So when Cupcake the horse found herself in a bit of a pickle, the Technical Rescue Team with Colorado’s South Metro Fire Rescue was on the scene. 

The 13-year-old horse was on a ride with her owner when she fell into a muddy, watery hole. Already exhausted, she couldn’t get up.

Rangers on the scene and her owner were worried that she wasn’t going to survive the ordeal — her head had to be held out of the water, as she couldn’t lift it up herself.

But you can see in this clip how the incredible rescue unfolded. It took 30 people two hours to try to get the 1,000 lb. horse to stand on her own… But when you see how they do it, you’ll be utterly amazed!

Photo source: Vimeo/South Metro Fire Rescue

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