Mama Dog's 5 Puppies Get Adopted. 8 Weeks Later, She Reveals Her Belly And STUNS Them All...

A few months ago, a pregnant dog named Paige was scared and homeless. She didn’t want to deliver her puppies without having a safe place in which she could go into labor.

That’s when Linda Arnold, a resident of Sherman, TX, volunteered to take Paige home. Arnold is an experienced animal hero and has fostered more than 250 homeless dogs.

Five days with Arnold was all it took for Paige to feel safe enough to go into labor. Under Arnold’s care, the pregnant canine delivered five happy, healthy puppies.

Paige immediately jumped into her new role as Mom. She nursed her puppies for eight weeks, then Arnold assisted in getting each and every one adopted into a loving forever family.

With a quieter and emptier household, Arnold was browsing Facebook when she stumbled upon a post from the Durant Animal Rescue Alliance. There were six newborn orphaned kittens that would surely die if the Alliance did not find them a foster home.

Arnold immediately called Marcy with an unconventional idea. “How about if we put them on Paige?”

Knowing Paige was a natural and nurturing mother, Arnold convinced the Alliance to see if Paige would nurse the needy kittens. “I’ve never tried to put kittens on a dog before,” Arnold said.

The kittens were brought over to Arnold’s house, and when they were placed on Paige’s belly… a miracle.

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