Live TV Fail! Stuntman Gets Shot By Flaming Arrow On America’s Got Talent

Getting shot in the throat while swallowing a sword couldn’t have been a pleasant experience.

An Edmonton stunt man was lucky to escape serious injury when a live performance on America’s Got Talent went horribly wrong.

Ryan Stock, known for daring performances was performing another cringe-worthy stunt in the quarterfinals of the popular show when the error occurred. Stock placed a long rod with a target attached to one end down his throat, as his fiancée, Amber Lynn Walker, aimed a crossbow with a flaming arrow at the bulls-eye.

Audiences witnessed the flaming arrow strike Stock in the neck, sending flames bursting across his chest. Stock, who has been performing for 15 years, immediately attempted to swipe away the flames. He was lucky it only left a bruise.

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[Source: Youtube]

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