He Had The Last Haircut 22 Years Ago. Watch Him Visit The Salon… OMG!

When it comes to how we take care of our hair, it is always give us the easiest way to amuse ourselves. I personally remember that in my teenage, I used to mess with my hair a lot. It is the one thing that I owned and it felt good that I had the freedom to do with it whatever I wanted. As long as it was legal and it did not make me break any rule. As a grown up, if your job or business allows it, keeping long hair can be quite fun and an attention drawer. Long hair, especially for men it makes one stand out from the crowd. Many people believe that long hair makes them look macho and masculine.

In the video below, we are going experience such a moment when we see Phillip before he had his long hair. Then as his friend films him as they head to the barber, you will be able to see the attention that his long hair draws. It has been twenty years since he had a haircut. So the photos from the past reflect this truth.

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