Joe Biden's birthday gift to President Obama is the stuff of friendship dreams

There's only one thing Joe Biden loves more than ice cream: his BFF Barack.

So for President Obama's 55th birthday on Thursday, Biden tweeted a photo of a skillfully woven friendship bracelet — a gift any camper knows is reserved for best friends only and not to be taken lightly. 
The classic summer camp craft is likely a throwback to a BuzzFeed video from June called  "5 Things that Are Harder than Registering to Vote," in which President Obama makes some "Barack" and "Joe" bracelets of his own. 

We'd like to think this is Biden's return gift. 

In any event, the internet is alive with the glory of friendship. 

Best pals forever. 

UPDATE: Aug. 4, 2016, 2:57 p.m. EDT According to Twitter politics spokeman Nick Pacilio, this is now Biden's most retweeted tweet.

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