J.K. Rowling Is Releasing Three New Harry Potter Books

 Get your wands, cloaks and spell books out because J.K. Rowling’s taking us all back to the Wizarding World once again.

The magical author is penning a series of short ebooks that’ll reveal the backstories of a number of characters from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, The Guardian reports.

The three books will be released on Pottermore starting September 6 and are approximately 10,000 words long each, so not exactly doorstoppers and I’m sure rabid book fans will devour them in hours.

The three books will focus on the pompous potions master Horace Slughorn, Hogwarts headteacher Professor Minerva McGonagall, and the most despised woman in literature Dolores Umbridge.

Pottermore chief executive Susan Jurevics said in a statement: 

J.K. Rowling’s writing in these collections reveals intricate details of her characters’ lives, their histories, as well as her inspiration.

From the characters J.K. has chosen it looks like we’ll be getting a look at the darker side of the magical world.

Not that I’m super excited or anything but I’m off to book September 6 off work for unrelated reasons…

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