Irish Rowers Win The Internet After Bizarrely Hilarious Interview

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No matter how fascinating Olympian feats can be, 90 per cent of the time their post-match interviews are boring as fuck. But for these two rowers from Cork, Ireland, it’s a very different matter. 

Throughout the Olympics, Paul and Gary O’Donovan have become somewhat of celebrities after various interviews of theirs spread like wildfire online – and if you watch just one of them it’s easy to see why.

They look as if they’re filming some sort of Olympic-based Irish sitcom or parody show but they’re not – they’re silver world medallists…

 Speaking to RTE just hours after the two brothers bagged the silver medal for the lightweight double sculls, the duo begin their interview by saying, ‘how are tings?’ and ‘what’s the craic?’.

They go on, and yes – it’s one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever seen:

Gary: The background might look superimposed but it’s very real.

Paul: It is yeah, that’s all there.

Paul is then asked how the past few hours have been:

Paul: Erm, I’ve been shook enough now to be honest because of the race thing and a bit tired now and the legs are like jelly, but, uhm, yeah, I suppose we did a bit of celebrating and did the podium thing and got to put on the podium pants as well, so that was quite nice, and saw the mother and the father and a few other people and took a few pictures and that and then, uhm, I had to go and do this doping control thing so I was there for an hour or two trying to take a pee then into a cup for them so, uh, after about ten litres of water as well so, uhm, full up now to be honest. Gary, it’s like great craic though isn’t it.

Gary: He’s been busy there, I’ve been running around having a great time signing photographs and autographs and taking pictures and it was all well and good y’know. We’ll be fairly tired now, we haven’t a bite to eat since after the weigh-in, we had a bread roll with some nutshell but I believe they’re on the way with some pizzas for us now.

The interviewer then asks the brothers if they have any idea how crazy Ireland has gone for them:

Paul: I heard that yeah. Gary got a Snapchat earlier and they were roaring away like mad or something but no i haven’t a clue to be honest, i’d say it’s mad excitement anyway.

Gary: Its a pity we’re missing it all out here.

Paul: Yeah they’re all in the pub. Skibberean’s after closing down for a national holiday and we’re missing it all.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering – no, this interview was not a one off. Almost every interview with the Olympic medallists is just pure comedy gold…

Check out some others below:

[Source: Youtube]
[Source: Youtube]

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