Internet Turns Usain Bolt's Perfectly Timed Photo Into Hilarious Memes

I wish I had Usain Bolt's confidence. Imagine being so sure that you're the fastest man in the world that you could pose for a picture while running the race to prove it. Like, imagine if that brief lapse in concentration had cost him the race? The idea of the embarrassment in itself would make any other person too nervous to even think about trying something like that.

But not Bolt. He's a fucking MACHINE. And he knows it.

The thing is, we're in 2016. Memes rule supreme and can be spread instantaneously through the medium of social media. It's great. And we love it.

So here are the best memes regarding Bolt that we could find.

Legend and undoubtedly the greatest of all time. 

 Source : Mel Ramsay

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