Incredible Footage Emerges Of Police Chasing UFO

With Barack Obama set to make a big announcement on UFO activity, it seems our extra-terrestrial cousins are getting cockier than ever with their earthly encounters.

Not content with just being sighted as distorted blurs in the sky, a flying saucer just decided to casually hover through a random town in Ireland. Y’know, standard behaviour.

The residents of Gorey, Co. Wexford were treated to the bizarre sight over the weekend, as the tiny UFO took to the streets.

It’s no surprise that it wasn’t too long before it caught the attention of the local police force who got caught up in probably the slowest-speed chase of all time.

However, it turned out that this was very much terrestrial, as it was created by local artist Ali Kemar Ali as part of an art collective called the Third Space Pop Up Art Show, which took place on July 29th.

The 10ft remote-controlled fibreglass spaceship runs on two electric scooters and has a strobe light, lasers, a smoke machine, and a sub woofer.

Speaking to The Sun, Ali said:

I thought how can I attract a bit more interest? So I thought i’ll go and ask the guards.  I asked can they give me a police escort with my UFO. They loved it they were brilliant. How often do you go into a police station and ask for something like this? It’s always doom and gloom. They saw the funny side of it. 
It might be a fake this time around, but the truth is still out there. 

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