Husband hasn't shaved in years. Wife has priceless reaction after he undergoes incredible makeover

There’s almost nothing I find more enjoyable than receiving a makeover. Unfortunately, my husband is the complete opposite. He’ll do whatever he can to get out of shaving, grooming, or doing anything to make himself resemble the man I remember marrying decades ago. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I do wish at times that he would care more about his appearance.
Well, my husband would get along well with Jeff. For most of his life, Jeff has had a long scruffy beard that he refused to shave off. Until one day, he decided to get it cut in order to please his wife, who had been complaining about it all the time. Jeff didn’t go about this transformation without some help, however.
Jeff received help from the Rachael Ray Show who promised Jeff that he would receive a complimentary and complete professional makeover as long as he appeared on the show and surprised his wife with his new look. Jeff said on the show,
“I’m going through basically a midlife crisis. It’s time to clean it up.”
With the help of Elena Linares, the founder of the RazzleDazzle Barbershop in Miami, Jeff’s makeover was complete. When the new Jeff walked up on stage, everybody, especially his wife, were absolutely stunned. Jeff looked like a completely different man!
When asked how he felt, Jeff told the audience that he felt amazing and emotional after seeing his brand new self. I can only being to imagine how his wife must’ve felt! What did you think about Jeff’s makeover? Let us know in the comments below!
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